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 About Southeastern Consulting

Orienting Business in Productivity and Efficiency.

Southeastern engineers can analyze your business processes and develop new methods to decrease workload and increase efficiency in the workplace.


Established in 1999, Southeastern has been working in intimate  cooperation with business and industry such as aerospace, banking, construction, insurance, legal, government,  manufacturing, and entertainment among others.  Since values such as efficiency, productivity, and profitability are common to all business, we can utilize our experience in technology to improve these aspects in your business no matter your focus.


 Southeastern engineers can analyze your business processes and develop new methods of working to decrease workload and increase efficiency in the workplace.


We provide a complete industry range of products and services such as  hardware and  software troubleshooting, server maintenance and installation, networks (local and wide area), hardware & software installation, business process analysis and custom programming. 


We come and examine the way you do business.....the way business flows from person to person and then work with your staff on a daily basis as necessary to setup workflow processes that automate the flow of documents and projects from person to person in the business.  This means that lost documents or dropped responsibilities become a problem of the past. 


This results in decision makers and executives and other key players knowing the position and status of each project or process within your business facilitating the completion of each project and increasing the productivity of each individual while increasing profitability and efficiency organization wide.  Each key person in your business process will know his responsibility regarding every aspect of each project as each segment of responsibility is positively handed electronically to the next participant.


Southeastern also will solve those frustrating technical hardware and software issues in your organization or implement new infrastructure. 


Give us a call anytime for a FREE analysis of your business or needs.



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October 2, 2008

New TimeFleX

Flash Demo available here


TimeFleX Current

Version 4.4.7

All Administrators are encouraged to update.


TimeFleX V 5.0

 Sneak Peek!

We are working away diligently to provide you the next major release of TimeFleX.   The new Composite version is planned to have complete integration with Lotus ND8.  All existing maintenance contract customers are entitled to a free upgrade.


Some of our exciting new objectives are:

*Eclipse integration to leverage the functionality of the Lotus Sidebar. 

*Enhanced Comprehensive Web Functionality for the whole Timeflex application.  This will permit you to post Vacation calendars or anything you wish functionally on a website or intranet site.


-Stay tuned for more details-

February 25, 2008

TimeFleX Version

 4 Released!


A new  MAJOR RELEASE version of TimeFleX has been released on February 25, 2008.  The current version is 4.0.6  There have been many feature updates, including repeating calendar entries and alarm notifications.  All administrators are encouraged to download and update.