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Revolutionary Software for Time Management in Lotus Notes

 TimeFleX, Created by SFDE Germany, is an incredible new software that revolutionizes  Lotus Notes Group calendaring.

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TimeFleX  Group Calendar provides you the best overview of appointments, meetings, reminders, anniversaries of staff, resources and rooms in Lotus Notes. The selection of entries to show, can be set by a comprehensive range of filters. While there exists a very select few programs for Lotus Notes Group Calendaring, TimeFleX  does not use agents, and is the only product of its type. TimeFleX always retrieves the data directly from the mail database and/or busytime.

This means that calendar data is shown in real time, every time and does not rely upon resource hungry and time consuming, agents to process calendar updates or additions. Because of this, there also will be no delay in seeing a newly posted calendar entry.

Lotus Notes has long since suffered from inadequate Group Calendar features and a profound lack of functionality in terms of customization or viewing data in formats that can be critical to business decision making.

With TimeFleX , this is now a problem of the past. Please click the download link to receive a 30 day un-crippled trial to instantly experience complete customization and flexibility in the areas of Lotus Group Calendaring. Your Calendaring dreams have finally come true!


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June 27, 2008

New TimeFleX

Flash Demo available here


TimeFleX Current

Version 4.2.17

All Administrators are encouraged to update.


TimeFleX V 5.0

 Sneak Peek!

We are working away diligently to provide you the next major release of TimeFleX.   The new Composite version is planned to have complete integration with Lotus ND8.  All existing maintenance contract customers are entitled to a free upgrade.


Some of our exciting new objectives are:

*Eclipse integration to leverage the functionality of the Lotus Sidebar. 

*Enhanced Comprehensive Web Functionality for the whole Timeflex application.  This will permit you to post Vacation calendars or anything you wish functionally on a website or intranet site.


-Stay tuned for more details-

February 25, 2008

TimeFleX Version

 4 Released!


A new  MAJOR RELEASE version of TimeFleX has been released on February 25, 2008.  The current version is 4.0.6  There have been many feature updates, including repeating calendar entries and alarm notifications.  All administrators are encouraged to download and update.