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Revolutionary Software for Time Management in Lotus Notes

 TimeFleX, Created by SFDE Germany, is an incredible new software that revolutionizes  Lotus Notes Group calendaring.

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TimeFleX4 (Demo)

 V. 4.X.X Timeflex Download  Download
Restrictions of the demo version:

You can only see calendar entries up to the last final month (seen from the current date).

The BusyTime function it disabled.
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Timeflex Version History



    Versions 4.0.0 to 4.x.x
Apr 28


v4.1.8 If query is set to fast query (busytime.nsf) and no access to detailed information exists, then start and end times would not show in the detail popup windows of the month view.
  v4.1.7 *If all address book entries from Timeflex have been removed, an error message is displayed-fixed.


* The TimeFleX dialog supports the input of alarm settings.
  v4.0.7 * Extension of conflict inspection in repeating entries. Shows in detail conflicts

* Improving the Copy / paste in the "views and access delegation" and "Global targets"

  v4.0.6 * Notifications on the basis of forward-processing, are now on behalf of the users sent (box "From" = Editors)
  v4.0.3 * Update Wizard behavior improved, server cache revised.
* ACL Access to the Busy Time / CluBusy was corrected.
    Versions 3.0.0 to 3.x.x
  v3.3.62 * TimeFleX dialog now supports the entry of recurring appointments.
  v3.3.49 * Adjustment of the categories (filters) for Lotus Notes version 8.x. These are no longer Lotus Notes aliases.
* "meetings" in TimeFleX corrected.
* Global settings apply to the popup window with detailed information are now separately for annual, weekly and daily view when activated
  v3.3.27 * Once a print dialogue within the week view has been canceled, renewed call of the print dialog is not possible.

* Display of the time (start time, endtime) was corrected for certain regions between hours of 04:00-20:00. Such records are now with a tag.
* User preferences have been added to the Advanced options
* When calling the day view, the main calendar has been compressed for easier viewing
* For private appointments, the display of "no details" when "private", was amended

  v3.3.23 * Error "No Resume" eliminated. Can now delete the calendar entries within the TimeFleX partial view.
*Chosen date, will be selected, even when moving into a different configuration (condition: chosen date must be displayed in the window.
* Time Flex calendar entry dialog;  labels  "lbl-Enty." were amended. Labeling now stays constant.
* User Global settings have been extended. When you open the day view, the view is now collapsed, by default.
  v3.3.19 * Automatic email alerts now function for selected persons on the TimeFleX calendar dialogue. (Adjustable by the user)
* Redesign of the  TimeFleX user interface.
* Extension to control user access to data on the  TimeFleX calendar access module
  v3.3.13 * Selection of staff and resources from the address book amended.
  v3.3.11 * Bug in sdfebsyt.dll overlapping dates fixed (details were not displayed)
* Recent configuration changes will be saved in every configuration and called up again as an active view
  v3.3.7 * Within the weekly view, one day can now be expanded.
* User configuration profiles switched. Admin users can invite other staff profiles and edit
* Creating a global user profiles by Administration is possible. Default and / or protected now available. (can not be changed by the user)
  v3.3.5 * TimeFleX extension of the free-time dialogue
* Integration of Lotus Notes scheduler into the SDFE TimeFleX calendar entry dialogue
  v3.2.2 * Global access control points to "create and delete" calendar entries extended
* SDFE TimeFleX dialogue to create and change entries deadline extended
  v3.1.2 * Global Access Control expanded functions "Do not use if global access exists" (Calendar delegation is not taken into account)
* Update error when switching the day view eliminated
  v3.0.1 * Extension of the TimeFleX global access rights. (regardless of the delegation settings)
* TimeFleX calls the user manual directly from TimeFleX
* Extension of the language module. Flag "Do not use this" may set different language documents, which will result in TimeFleX no longer being displayed (eg, Hide the checkbox private entries)



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