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Revolutionary Software for Time Management in Lotus Notes

 TimeFleX, Created by SFDE Germany, is an incredible new software that revolutionizes  Lotus Notes Group calendaring.

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Timeflex FAQ



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1.  I'm in a hurry, I've got my demo, I just want to see what it can do!  What are the things I need to do to get it running?


-Unzip to a folder.


-Place the "timeflex.nsf" database in your server data directory.


-Open the database "timeflex.nsf" from a workstation or a Windows Server.


-Open the ACL of the database and activate yourself to the role [Admins] and [GroupCreator]


-Sign the database, with server ID or admin ID which has access to the mail databases.


-(optional, but highly recommended)

Add the SDFECalConn view to the design of the mail files, manually or distributed via the default mail template.  Doing this will make Timeflex run 8 Times Faster.  Failure to do this will make Timeflex run slowly.


-(For terminal server, see the admin guide)


-Open the Admin Dialog on the installation guide page for Timeflex.  Under the Automatic install options, if you wish to automatically install for your users. Enter your Windows Domain name (Not Lotus Notes) , Domain Admin Username, And Domain Admin Password.


No worries here, this information is securely encrypted in the next  step.


-Place and internal version number.  This can be any number you want, and is used to differentiate the client version from the server version.  Any discrepancy will prompt a quick automatic upgrade of the "older client"  We recommend using the Timeflex version number. (ie. 3.3.60)


-Click Test Logon, if a DOS window appears you have done this step successfully, then choose "Encrypt"


-(optional) You may add your own company name plate to the calendar with the "Logo Text" tab


-Press Save and Close


-Press "Open the Calendar" if on a Windows Workstation client.


-Add names from the address book using the calendar configuration, then hit refresh.


2.  What are the Restrictions in the Demo version?

-You will only see calendar entries up to the last completed month
-The fast query (BusyTime) is deactivated


3.  What platforms will Timeflex run on?

Timeflex can be run on any Domino Server.  This means (Win2000, Win2003, NT, XP, Vista, Linux, Unix and AS400)


The Timeflex Client can only be run on Windows Workstation OS.  (Win9X, ME, 2000, XP, Vista) due to the fact that an installation routine must be run installing OCX and DLL files to the Windows System32 folders.  Thus if the workstation OS does not utilize these system folders, Timeflex cannot be run. 


You may perform the setup of the database on a Win2X server, but you cannot open the calendar view.


We are experimenting with Codeweavers, Win4Lin on Linux.  VMWare should work fine.  We will study the demand for a Linux version as requests come in.


4.  Why does it run slow, or take so long to retrieve calendar entries?


While Timeflex will work perfectly simply installed to the server, it can take a while to pull information from busytime, or clubusy.  This is especially notable with many entries in the Timeflex calendar.


We have conveniently included an additional view (SDFECalConn-you will find this view in the NSF database SDFEConnect) included with your demo.  Simply entering Domino Designer and pasting this into your mail file will make Timeflex run 8 Times Faster.  The preferred way to distribute this view, is to include it in your default mail template.  We can assist you to do this if you are unsure.  Simply contact us.


5.  Timeflex has a new version out.  How do I upgrade?


Simply download the new version of Timeflex from SDFE, open this database (Do not open the Server database) from your Domino Administrator's workstation or from the server.


From the administration dialog screen of this new LOCAL database, choose, option #6 (Upgrade Wizard) and then press "Start Wizard" which will then prompt you to choose your master server database. 


Press "OK"


Follow the 4 points at the end of the upgrade as necessary.  "dbcache flush" at the server console is necessary for all installations.


Please enter the new version number so that automatic upgrades can be performed for all your users.


That's it!  Wasn't that easy?


(We recommend you compact the database after upgrade)



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